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We understand that our customers need to access some money quickly to help with unexpected financial difficulties. These may have been caused by anything from an unplanned car repair to a vets bill. We provide online payday loans in Wrexham to people in need.

The loan application process is as simple as filling in an online application; in the vast majority of cases, requests can be approved in a matter of minutes.
The cash can then be lodged to your that same day or the next working day, giving you instant access to your funds.

What are payday loans

Payday loans are effectively short term loans that are expected to be repaid fully or in when you receive your next paycheck. That can vary in size, but they are usually not very large, £200 to £1000 on average. They are kept small to allow you to pay them back quickly. Perfect for meeting unexpected bills, such as getting your car fixed. You are expected to repay the loans as soon as possible. Most of our customers repaying their loans in a few days or at least within a couple of months.

Who provides online loans

Payday loans are provided by direct lending companies, who provide you with cash directly, which means that you only have to worry about dealing with us for all your communications and repayments. Because of their minimalist structure, they can operate at a much lower cost than traditional financial institutions. This allows them to charge much lower interest rates, and as a consequence, it makes it easier for their customers.

Why do people take out payday loans

The answer is simple. Please check 3 items below.

They are reliable

Payday loan companies are authorised and registered by the UK Financial Conduct Authority as licensed online brokers and lenders. They have provided thousands of loans to customers all around the Wrexham area.

Simple and straightforward to apply for

Unlike traditional loans, our application process will be stress-free and easy to follow. Apply for an amount from £50 to £1000. Provisional approval can be given in a few minutes. Once you have received approval, you will receive your payment as quickly as possible. Sometimes as soon as the same day.


Payday loan companies are known for our open and honest service. They operate in as transparent a fashion as possible. They will no hide any terms or conditions. They won’t attach penalties for early repayments or look to extend the length of your agreement. Follow the repayment schedule provided, and you will have nothing to worry about.

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