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It happens to all of us. Sometimes we find ourselves short of funds may be due to a recent medical emergency or a major house renovation. During these situations, you can request your online payday loan.

Loan Charges

One of the primary concerns of borrowers is the charges incurred by the loan. It should be clearly stated and computed so that you can allocate a budget for the repayments.

Here’s a sample scenario:

  1. You borrowed £250 and you plan to repay in 3 month.
  2. The total amount that you will pay is £411. Divide that by 3 and you’ll be paying £137 for 3 months.
  3. There is a 292% fixed interest per year.
  4. APR Representative is 1272%.

Things to keep in mind when repaying your loan:

  1. You need to settle your monthly payments on time. Late repayment will cost you and you may end up having more serious money problems.
  2. You can get more information by visiting The site contains guides, tools, and support to help you with your loan.

The calculation above is just an example. The total cost of your actual payday loan may vary and will depend on the lender that will be matched with you.

If your loan request and financial information details match more than one of the lenders’ criteria, your application will be offered to these lenders in the lowest to highest APR order.

The APR Representative stated above is much more than half of customers typically pay. The lender will supply pre-contractual information to you so make sure that you read it thoroughly. Also, carefully read the loan agreement before you accept or sign it.

The Financial Conduct Authority has stipulated rules that should be complied with by payday lenders and this includes price caps.
Here are some of those rules:

  • Lenders are not allowed to charge interest of more than 292% per year or 0.8% per day.
  • Default charges should not exceed £15.
  • Repayment interest and fees should not exceed the amount borrowed.

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